Kay's Protein Cereal

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This is the best fat burning cereal you can buy! At only 100 Calories per serving, 3 g dietary fiber and 9 g Protein per serving this cereal will help you on your weight loss journey. Build muscle, not fat. Made with all-natural ingredients. A trusted name in natural snacks & cereals. Because Kay's Naturals offers more balanced nutrition, it is a great choice for cereal lovers of all ages who want to eat a healthier, energy sustaining diet, but do not want to give up great-tasting crunchy texture. Better Balance cereals help you maintain balance without giving up satisfying flavor. Get energized with Better Balance Breakfast Cereal! 9 g Lean soy protein per 1-ounce serving. Good source of fiber. No trans fats. No cholesterol. Gluten-free. Excellent source of energy.


Products containing soybeans, dairy, tree nuts, and wheat are manufactured on the same production line as this product.