Hemp Bars

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Hemp Bar Uses

1/3 of the bar = meal replacement

1//6 of a bar = snack 

This all natural hemp bar from Canada is without a doubt the most nutritious meal replacement or snack bar in our store. With several flavors to choose from there's sure to be one that you enjoy. Made with hemp hearts, dark chocolate with a nutritious nut topping, these bars have no artificial ingredients and a complete macronutrient profile. You can be assured you are geting all the nutrients and the amino acids your body needs during a period of calorie restriction. Hemp hearts are not only nutritious, they help with waste removal and provide energy.

For a plateau breaker take our Hemp Heart Challenge found in the Lifestyle Videos section under Challenged. You can experience up to 1 pound of weight loss per day on our Hemp Heart Challenge.

Remember to check with your doctor to make sure these bars are right for you.

Hemp Tub Uses

1 TBSP = Condiment

3-4 TBSP = Snack

5-6 TBSP = Meal